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    International Admissions Enquiry Form - Undergraduate

    Biographical Information
    Gender *
    Date of Birth (same as your passport) *
    Are you a U.S. permanent resident?
    High School Information
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    University Information

    You are a high school student, or have graduated from high school in the past five years and you have never enrolled a college/university.

    You are taking, or have completed, classes at another college/university and want to complete your degree at UAkron. You may have already earned an associate's degree and seek another, or a bachelor's degree.

    Post-Baccalaureate (Post-Bac)
    You have an equivalent U.S. bachelor's degree and want to take more undergrad classes toward another degree.

    Guest / Transient
    You attend another college/university and want to take a few classes at The University of Akron before returning to your college/university. You are limited to two semesters at The University of Akron.

    You graduated from high school (or home school or GED) five or more years ago and have never attended college.

    Questions for Us
    We welcome your questions! But please make sure you visit our website first. -  application/admission related information. - tuition, fees, and scholarships.